Apps for Commercial Businesses

Improving Operational Safety and Efficiency

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Commercial Radio Apps

Improving Operational Safety and Efficiency

Sepura has taken the innovative step of introducing AppSPACE, which allows the simple, yet secure development and deployment of powerful apps on it’s SC2 Series TETRA radios, allowing teams to operate more effectively and more safely.

Lost Radio Alerter

Never lose a radio again

  • Radio emits loud audible alert after separation
  • If alert is not cancelled, escalated alert sent to colleague, team leader and/or control room with time & GPS data
  • Reduces equipment costs
Sepura SC20 hand-portable radio Lost Radio Alert application screen

Field Reporting

File reports on the go

  • Efficiently sends inspection reports to a central database
  • Quick and simple data input eliminates paper forms &
  • For TETRA radios & mobile broadband devices
Sepura SC20 hand-portable radio Plant Inspection Alert application screen

Telemetry Monitor

Track equipment status

  • Sends alerts from equipment including environmental monitors, process equipment, and entry/exit alarms
  • TETRA network allows telemetry in remote areas
  • Can monitor and control
Sepura SC20 hand-portable radio Pump Alert application screen for commercial users

Battery Date Checker

Simplify battery withdrawal

  • Advises radio user that battery is to be withdrawn
  • Starts withdrawal process
  • Prevents accidental, unsafe use of age degraded radio batteries
  • Customisable dates & warnings
Sepura SC20 hand-portable radio Battery Date Checker application screen

Radio Asset Logger

Simply log radio by user

  • Reduces financial and security losses
  • Simplifies management of pool radios
  • Simple, quick ID entry at radio ‘power on’
  • Radio sends data to update asset register
Sepura SC20 hand-portable radio Asset Track application screen

Failed Call Reporter

Identify TETRA network dead spots

  • Automatically record the location of dropped call incidents
  • Sends a report detailing the radio ID, signal strength, time stamp and GPS location
  • Sends report of a ‘near miss’ at the press of a button
Sepura SC20 hand-portable radio Dropped Call Report application screen

Team Leader App

Monitor the critical status alerts of individuals in your team & coordinate support to optimise team safety and performance. Available as an AppSPACE Radio App or Broadband / LTE Device App.

Team Leader diagram to show alert flow

Sepura Smart Chat

Secure messaging platform for Public Safety

  • Securely sends pictures and text messages across TETRA radios and broadband / LTE devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, laptops and servers)
  • Improves safety and efficiency through faster communications
  • Connects field forces and control rooms at all stages of TETRA/LTE transition
  • For TETRA and broadband devices (e.g. iOS, Android and Windows)
Smart Chat AppSPACE application between smart phone and SC20 radio

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