SRG3900 Accessories Ordering Guide

SRG3900 Part number
Please refer to your Sepura sales contact for the SRG3900 part numbers  
Transceiver includes:  
          Mounting plate 300-00086
          Power cable 300-00066
Control Part number
Console (IP54)  
SCC Latin 300-00771
SCC simple Chinese 300-00769
SCC Korean 300-00768
SCC Arabic 300-00770
SCC Cyrillic 300-00767
SCC Zhuyin Chinese 300-00766
Console (IP67)  
IP67 SCC Latin 300-00760
IP67 SCC simple Chinese 300-00762
IP67 SCC Korean 300-00763
IP67 SCC Arabic 300-00761
IP67 SCC Cyrillic 300-00764
IP67 SCC Zhuyin Chinese 300-00765
Handset-based Console (HBC)  
Handset-based Console Kit 300-00668
Note: includes console, mounting bracket & interface box  
Handset-based Console 300-00669
HBC mounting bracket 300-00671
HBC interface box 300-00670
Note: If connecting a hands-free mic & PTT to either the console or HBC,
please use the Hirose connector type.
AIU MK2 300-00217
Virtual Console  
Note: the Virtual Console is a software application that requires a Windows-based PC to operate.  
Virtual Console interface lead 300-00588
Virtual Console software (supplied on CD) 600-00025
Virtual Console licence (single licence) 600-00026
Virtual Console licence
(dual licence, 600-00027 also requires 600-00026 to be ordered)
Note: If connecting a hands-free mic & PTT to either the AIU or virtual console lead,
please use the jack plug connector type.
Console mounting Part number
Console dash-mount kit (pivot) 300-00084
Console AMPS-mount kit (plate for rear of console) 300-00784
DIN fitting kit 300-00804
AMP fitting kit 300-00629
Universal AMPS fitting kit:  
          AMPS base plate 300-00860
          RAM double socket arm 300-00862
          Handlebar bracket 300-00861
Remote console Part number
IP54 console/Handset-based Console cables:-  
          Remote console cable, 0.5m 300-00067
          Remote console cable, 2m 300-00068
          Remote console cable, 3m 300-00664
          Remote console cable, 5m 300-00069
          Remote console cable, 7m 300-00665
          Remote console cable, 10m 300-00070
          Remote console cable, 12m 300-00666
          Remote console cable, 15m 300-00896
          Remote console cable, 20m 300-00895
          Remote console cable, 30m (IP54 colour console only) 300-00897
Console (IP67) cables:  
          IP67 remote console cable, 3m 300-00774
Audio Accessories Part number
Handset (PTT & hook switch) 300-00061
Fist mic 300-00062
VAC speaker mic 300-00722
VAC handset 300-00726
Hands-free kit: console (Hirose connector)  
Hands-free kit inc. 3m remote mic, 3m PTT with soft key 300-00079
Remote short-stalk mic with 3m lead 300-00292
Remote short-stalk mic with 5m lead 300-00294
Mouse-style mic with 3m lead 300-00378
Mouse-style mic with 5m lead 300-00379
PTT switch with 3m lead 300-00293
PTT switch with 5m lead 300-00295
PTT switch on long flexi-stalk 300-00230
Hands-free kit: AIU MK2 (Jack plug)  
Hands-free kit inc. remote mic, PTT & soft key 300-00085
Remote short-stalk mic, 5m lead 300-00225
Mouse-style mic, 5m lead 300-00227
PTT switch, 3m lead, with 3.5mm jack plug 300-00319
PTT switch on long flexi-stalk 300-00229
Loudspeaker Part number
Low profile loudspeaker, 1m lead 300-00719
Loudspeaker extension lead, 5m 300-00082
Antenna Part number
Antenna kit 380-400MHz 1/4 wave 9525 800 41081
Antenna kit 800-870 MHz, 1/4 wave, 5dBi 9525 800 41021
Antenna kit 380-400MHz 5/8 wave, 7dBi 9525 800 41082
Antenna kit 410-430MHz 5/8 wave 9525 800 41084
Antenna kit 450-470MHz 5/8 wave 9525 800 41080
380-430MHz Flexi whip/GPS vehicle antenna, 5m lead, 0dBi gain 360-00001
380-430MHz flexi-whip vehicle antenna, 5m lead, 2dBi 390-00005
380-430MHz flexi-whip mag-mount vehicle antenna, 5m lead 2dBi 390-00006
GPS antenna, mag mount, inc. 6m cable 300-00063
GPS antenna, bolt mount, inc. 6m cable 300-00393
Programming cables Part number
VAC USB data cable 300-00720
DDC 0.15m 300-00744
DDC 1.5m 300-00743
Spares Part number
VAC cap 300-00799
Bungs 300-00802