16-2-26 Dmr Analogue To Digital

Analogue to digital migration

An alternative to analogue - in terms of both spectrum licensing and equipment requirements - Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is opening the digital market to commercial users, providing greater spectral efficiency, longer battery life and the exciting possibility of data communication.

DMR is an open, multi-vendor ETSI PMR radio standard, completed in 2005, covering conventional and trunked modes of operation. Since the launch of the first DMR products in September 2007, the technology has been highly successful, becoming the digital market leader outside of the public safety sector. 

The primary goal of the DMR standard is to specify a digital system with low complexity, low cost and cross-brand interoperability, preventing buyers from being locked in to single sourced proprietary solutions.

The standard is supported by most major names in the PMR industry with products covering radio products, systems, software applications and test equipment. DMR products are subject to formal interoperability testing and many mixed manufacturer systems have already been successfully deployed in the field.  

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