Radio and Control Room Applications

Combined applications to maximise situational awareness, safety, efficiency and effectiveness through data sharing.

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AppSPACE seamlessly connects teams, devices and systems with operational data over TETRA, 4G and IP networks.

This enables streamlined workflows and delivery of critical situational awareness information to the right people at the right time, while reducing the need for voice calls.

Whether deployed as a standalone tool or integrated within your existing infrastructure, Sepura’s portfolio of Radio and Control Room Applications deliver enhanced operational benefits through the generation and sharing of knowledge, and richer situational awareness information between control rooms, field teams and other data sources.

As part of the AppSPACE portfolio, Sepura also offers Radio Applications that can be easily installed on handheld or mobile devices to improve operations out in the field.




  • Audits can be completed automatically, significantly reducing administrative burden
  • Reduces manual handling of radios as process is complete remotely by radio user
  • Allows efficient management of the radio fleet, confirming security compliance and meeting regulatory requirements
  • Scalable to your organisation’s fleet size and mix of Sepura radios

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Radio Logon & Data Manager

Simplifies Radio Administration and Asset Management

  • Provides 'live' visibility of who is using each radio
  • Eliminates manual updating of user registers, radio 'phonebook', command and control systems and asset management databases
  • Allows control of radio profile per user
  • Reduces radio damage and loss due to increased accountability
Radio Log On Data Manager image



One flexible solution for viewing your team's GPS or indoor location and their situational status

  • Locate people quickly and accurately in an emergency
  • Maximise team safety and enhances efficiency of incident & task management
  • Cost effective and fast installation using low energy Bluetooth location beacons
  • Compatible for use with your existing GPS location and mapping

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Secure smartphone and TETRA messaging for public safety

  • Productive messaging across operational teams
  • Self-hosted and secure without reliance on commercial clouds
  • Flexible integration to IT systems and data sources
  • Forward critical messages to radios across TETRA networks

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SmartChat enables text and image-based information to be shared to field officers using either TETRA radios or smart devices, without risking security by using commercial messaging applications.

Failed Call Reporter

Helps maintain network coverage and robustness

  • Automatically record the location and cause of failed call incidents
  • Reports can be viewed and actioned immediately by your network manager
  • Identifies network dead spots and training needs
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Field Reporting App

File reports on the go

  • Efficiently sends inspection reports to a central database
  • Quick and simple data input eliminates paper form and administration
  • Radio app connects to databases via dedicated back office server application
  • For TETRA radios and mobile broadband devices
Field Reporter App collective image

Image Dispatcher

Fast delivery of critical images to your response team's TETRA radios

  • Eliminates errors caused by ambiguous, unclear verbal descriptions
  • Significantly increases likelihood of a positive identification
  • Image and accompanying text messages can be sent to existing talk-groups or individuals

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Apps are available via AppSPACE for the following products:

Explore the full range of AppSPACE applications

Explore the full range of AppSPACE applications


Sepura’s policy is to continually improve its products and services. The features and facilities described on this website were correct at publication, but are subject to change without notice. The apps described here are examples of apps in development and the features described herein are also subject to change.