Mobile Radios


Tough enough to withstand the most formidable working conditions, our robust mobile terminals provide efficient communications when you most need them.

Offering integrated data communications along with a 10W RF power, improved noise rejection and enhanced error correction, these rugged mobile radios give crystal clear audio even in high-noise environments. IP67-rated with an intuitive user interface, they are hardware-ready to support direct mode gateway, direct mode repeater, PEI-based data and end-to-end encryption options.

TETRA is an open standard, allowing for flexibility, a multi-vendor market and healthy competition amongst providers. We are committed to providing our users with increased choice through a wide range of interoperable equipment.  
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Additional features

Enhance the functionality of your radio with a range of additional features.
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  • Multiple frequency bands 
  • 10 Watts RF power
  • DMO gateway, DMO repeater, PEI-based data and E2EE options

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Handset-based Consoles


  • Full duplex/half duplex operation
  • High-visibility, transflective display
  • AMPS-compliant cradle
  • Hands-free option

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  • Ergonomic design
  • Large, high-resolution colour display
  • IP55 environmental protection
  • Handset or a fist mic options

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