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IMAGE's key features are all designed to increase the efficiency of organisations where fast, clear and accurate information transfer is vital for mission and business critical communications.

  • Allows the transfer of images with associated text information to a variety of devices including, uniquely, TETRA radios
  • Fully scalable, from small to national networks
  • Simultaneous access from multiple client applications and multiple users in different geographic locations
  • Used from Sepura client application, or integrated into existing command and control systems via an API
  • Supports multiple languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, and Arabic, with the facility to upload others
  • Modern intuitive interface, including drag and drop functionality

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IMAGE's many uses include:

  • Delivering a photo of a missing person, or person of interest, to police officers
  • Disseminating a building floor plan or hazardous material information to fire and rescue personnel
  • Dispatching a picture of suspected drugs smugglers to customs authorities
  • Sending still pictures from CCTV or video surveillance footage to security forces to apprehend suspects therefore supporting either multi-agency/organisation use

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