Sepura introduces AppSPACE, an innovative applications environment for critical communications.

Appspace 650X650

AppSPACE delivers added capabilities to the current generation of Sepura radios, which includes the SC20, SC21 and HTT-500-2 hand-portables, and the MDT-500-2 mobile terminal. This provides a more flexible approach to providing customer-specific applications and enables firmware-independent deployment of bespoke applications to radios. Applications are deployed using Sepura's Radio Manager fleet management tool, ensuring that the process is simple, and completed in a cost- and time-effective manner.

A key feature of AppSPACE is its ability to support multiple applications running concurrently - whether as a background task or those which directly engage with fleet radio users. Alerts and notifications ensure that both user and control room maintain continual awareness of critical information.

Through applications that enhance connectivity options, AppSPACE provides the capability to integrate the radio with peripherals including heart rate or oxygen level monitors, intelligent gun holsters and body cameras. It can also be used in conjunction with proximity-based applications and indoor location tracking.

App SPACE Architecture - FINAL-01