SMS, TETRA & Email Messenger

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SMS,TETRA & Email Messenger is an application that enables seamless continuity of text based communication across devices and networks that use either SMS, TETRA (SDS) or email messaging services.

Text based messaging is increasingly being used as part of mission and business critical communications where TETRA radios are routinely deployed and the SDS messaging service can be used.

This application enables organisations to extend a direct critical communications link to other key stakeholders within the organisation that do not routinely carry TETRA radios but use Smartphones instead.


Scalable Scalable

Selectively Increases the number of staff or management personnel that have access to you critical communications network

Efficient Efficient

Efficiently transfers Information between users of different communication devices / networks

Multi-Technology Multi-Technology

Supports TETRA, GSM, 3G and LTE technologies

Fail Safe Fail Safe

Includes a store & forward service to ensure messages are not dropped if network coverage is temporarily lost

Technical Data

Accessories compatible with SMS, TETRA & Email Messenger