Indoor Location

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Indoor Location is an application that provides location information of key workers in environments where a reliable GPS signal is not available such as large buildings and industrial plants or in confined spaces including tunnels or mines. It can also be used in vehicles to identify which vehicles your team members are using and when.

This capability increases the safety and care for lone or remote workers by enabling response teams to locate and assist employees in distress fast. It also improves situational awareness and efficient deployment of closest resources if and when a critical event occurs.

Indoor Location uses wireless Bluetooth beacons, positioned at strategic positions around the monitored area. The beacons communicate with handheld TETRA radios or broadband devices within range, enabling the device to identify and broadcast it's location over the network to a control room where the location information can be displayed graphically in real time.

Maximise the safety and duty of care for lone workers operating in confined spaces or remote locations where a GPS signal is not available.

This user case is typically relevant to Oil and Gas Plants, Off-shore wind farms, Scientific research facilities, Mines, Utility Plants, Transportation Tunnels and Airports.

Evaluate and check the accuracy of Security Guard inspection rounds by providing a time stamped visualisation or record of the Guards location and pathway.

Suitable for all Security guard operations including Airports, Museums, Hospitals, Shopping Malls and Hotels / Resorts

Improve your response to critical incidents within defined areas by knowing the location of your key resources before deployment.

Suitable for all organisations responsible for safety and security including Police (event management), Airports, Prisons, Hospitals, Industrial Plants, Utilities etc.

Automatically and efficiently log the users of fleet vehicles by vehicle ID, User ID, date and time.

Suitable for all vehicle fleet operators that need a reliable logging method.


Location reporting Location reporting

Reports location information of TETRA and Broadband devices where GPS signal is not available

Audit Trail Audit Trail

Retrieval of historical data enables incident review and audit

Flexible Flexible

Includes control room interface or can integrate with existing systems via API

Ease of install Ease of install

Beacons are wireless and therefore simple to install

Real time Real time

Reports real time and historical location data

Advanced Safety Alerts Advanced Safety Alerts

Instantly highlights location of radio users in distress who activate their radio's emergency buttons or who are inactive for long periods

Technical Data

Accessories compatible with Indoor Location