IMAGE Dispatcher

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IMAGE DISPATCHER is an application that allows photographs and other images and text to be efficiently distributed from a control room to field based radio terminals and mobile devices across TETRA and LTE / Broadband networks.

It maximises mission performance by ensuring image-based information (e.g. a photo of missing child, crime suspect or incident scene) is shared quickly with your field force.

It is optimised for TETRA and narrowband technologies to ensure minimum network data usage.


Efficient Efficient

Uses unique, Image messaging technology (SDS Push) to minimise network data usage and ensure that Images are transmitted without delay

Real Time Real Time

Allows capture, crop and dispatch of 'real time' images (e.g. from CCTV Feeds) within seconds - or simply choose an image from any file location

Text and Images Text and Images

Additional text information or instructions can also be sent with each Image

Compatible Compatible

Works with a mixed (multi-vendor) fleet of radios

Audit Trail Audit Trail

Generates an audit log of all sent images and recipients

Flexible Flexible

Includes control room interface or can integrate with existing systems via API

Technical Data

Accessories compatible with IMAGE Dispatcher