Improve Operational Efficiency with Sepura’s Wireless Radio Programming

14th September 2021


When it is necessary to update the configuration of a radio or install a new app, license or programming detail, radios are naturally taken off operational duty for these amends to be made.

Fleet managers face logistical headaches having to collect radios back to sites to install radio upgrades in the traditional way.

For responders in the field, their radios are an inseparable communication device, without which they cannot communicate with their team.

OTAP Over The Air Programming tool schematic

Improve Operations

Mission critical radios users can now save time, reduce costs and minimise the time radios are out of service by upgrading their Sepura radios to wireless programming, enabling seamless remote upgrades with minimum disruption to radio operation.

Our Solution

Over The Air Programming (OTAP) enables users to connect to secure, approved Wi-Fi networks, to install or download radio configurations, AppSPACE apps, Phonebook updates, fleet maps, PIN/PUK codes, SDAs, updated privacy settings or licence files.

Downloading to the radio does not interrupt any TETRA communication and does not require user intervention. Users can continue their duty with full radio functionality while downloads run as a background task. Once downloaded, the user is still in control and can trigger the installation process at the next radio switch off.

Downloads to the radio are configured to complete within a fixed period. Similarly, the installation process is scheduled to start and complete within a set date and time. Synchronised fleet upgrades avoids operational issues that may arise due to out of step configuration between radios.

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Police Officers Using Sepura TETRA Radios LR

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