We strive to be the world's leading supplier of TETRA radios and critical to this ambition is our ability to deliver growth in increasingly challenging markets.  To achieve this, it is essential that we design, manufacture and supply the best possible products and services, in accordance with our customers' needs.

Management commitment

We aim to achieve excellence through quality, in terms of both the performance of our products and services, and their ability to meet the expectations of our customers.  We also understand the importance of our role in minimising the environmental impact of our global operations, and provide the resources necessary to support these principles and their associated environmental initiatives.

As a business we are committed to the protection of the environment by satisfying all applicable compliance obligations, together with any other additional requirements we deem appropriate.

Our Business Management Systems help us to meet these commitments across all areas of our business.  We regularly measure our progress against the clear objectives we have set ourselves, and use our reported performance to drive continuous improvement, whether through process improvements, better resource conservation, or the prevention of pollution throughout the life-cycle of our products.

Health and Safety 

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, and third parties who visit our sites, as well as having a positive influence on our supply chain throughout the world. 

We are legally compliant and, where appropriate, work to exceed these requirements to provide safe working environments and a robust programme of occupational health management. 

To support this ethos, we use a Health & Safety Management System (OHSAS18001 Teltronic S.A.U.) which identifies risks. These risks are continuously monitored and reviewed, then eliminated or reduced with control measures which are communicated to all relevant stakeholders.