Qatar Ministry of Interior

Improved interconnection capabilites for Qatar Ministry of Interior

The customer

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) of the State of Qatar is in charge of public safety and security in the country. In 2006 the MoI's telecom department deployed a TETRA network in order to support and enable the smooth running of the ministry's operations.

The first section of the TETRA infrastructure was deployed in the city of Doha on the occasion of the 2006 Asian Games which attracted crowds of over 15,000 visitors from all corners of the Asian continent. After the Games the network was extended further and it now covers the whole country with more than 100 base stations. Qatar's TETRA infrastructure is connected to GSM, PABX and PSTN networks; in 2011 the MoI decided to enhance its dedicated radio communications services by deploying a large LTE network which covers some of the major areas of the capital.

The challenge

As the legacy SMS gateway could not support LTE, Qatar MoI decided to adopt a new gateway for all the co-existing LTE, GSM, email and TETRA networks. After a rigorous selection process, the MoI chose Portalify Message, part of Sepura Integrated Communication Solution (SICS) which incorporates Sepura's entire applications portfolio, as it perfectly meets the SDS, SMS and email gateway needs of Qatar MoI. In particular, one of the main reasons for this deployment was the availability of new features and Arabic language support plus improved levels of technical support and maintenance.

The solution

Portalify Message has the capability to interconnect and act as messaging gateway between TETRA, email, dedicated LTE as well as the public GSM network; in addition, it supports the functionality that enables users to send text messages from GSM to TETRA directly. Portalify Message supports the delivery of messages from TETRA and email to GSM devices in the SMS format and the routing of incoming email messages to TETRA devices in the SDS format. Thanks to this, data services for Qatar MoI now run more smoothly and seamlessly and users do not necessarily need to use laptops or PCs to access emails. This new and revolutionary functionality has been very well received by users who are able to move about more freely as the SDS messages arriving to the TETRA radios contain information about all incoming emails.

Whenever two TETRA radio terminals exchange messages and one of the two recipients is not available or out of coverage, Portalify Message stores the message and delivers it as soon as the radio terminal is live back on the network.

Qatar MoI and Portalify have established a solid partnership that will enable the two organisations to work together and adapt some of Portalify Message features to the evolving needs of Qatar MoI users in line with the ministry's on-going aim to continuously improve its service to customers.

*Qatar MoI image by Philip Lange