Powering Through the Pandemic: Interview with Peter Hudson

12th April 2022

Sepura’s Chief Technology Officer, Peter Hudson, reflected on the last two years of business and discusses the future of TETRA and broadband critical communications.

In a recent interview with Land Mobile Magazine, Peter spoke candidly about the challenges and unexpected opportunities that Sepura faced during the pandemic. He discussed how Covid influenced behaviour and radio use in particular sectors, as well as its impact on component supply, and how it continues to affect technology organisations around the world.

Looking to the future, Peter highlighted the continued relevance of TETRA and the work still needed to bring mission-critical LTE up to the equivalent standards of coverage, security and reliability. While broadband may be the focus for the future, he explains, Sepura's customers are taking a measured approach to the shift:

"What we’re seeing at the moment is customers putting in facilities to maintain and expand their TETRA networks up to 2030 and 2035, particularly in Europe. Those networks could run in parallel with broadband, or they could stand alone."

Peter Hudson, Chief Technology Officer, Sepura

Read the full interview from Land Mobile here.

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