Achieving Maximum Performance from Existing Critical Communications Networks

17th August 2021

Sepura’s Chief Technology Officer, Peter Hudson, recently spoke at the online Critical Communications Bitesize event, presenting on how existing TETRA users can make the most of their existing network and get maximum performance from the powerful radios now available on the market.

Whilst the traditional use of TETRA and the main need of critical comms users has been around voice communication, it is increasingly necessary to get access to mission critical data. This is vital both for improving staff safety and improving operational efficiency.

Some of the key elements discussed are:

  • Where TETRA networks are currently deployed
  • What does mission critical mean?
  • Why TETRA solutions are used by Public Safety and other critical users
  • How to incorporate data into your TETRA solution
  • Introducing Sepura’s AppSPACE applications environment
Peter Hudson sitting in chair

We have highlighted some of the key sections from the presentation below in short videos, or if you prefer you can watch the whole presentation.

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What Does Critical Communications Mean?

Peter started by outlining what mission critical means; identifying “always on” communication, designed to cater for coverage when users need it. One of the key differences between critical communications and cellular comms is that the focus is on group orientated services, with a trunked system that enables prioritisation and queuing of calls, rather than blocking. Of course, the ecosystem is also controlled by user organisations and secured to national security standards, rather than being an unsecured commercial network.

I have voice comms, now what?

Whilst critical communications are normally focused around the voice and audio elements, TETRA also has a significant data capability, which can be enabled by organisations to keep staff safe and enhance their operational efficiency. These functions are available to users one existing network, using Sepura’s widely used SC Series of mobile and hand held radios.

Watch this section of the video to see more.

Introduction to our TETRA Applications - AppSPACE

Sepura’s solution to communicating data over TETRA networks is our AppSPACE Applications Portfolio. This seamlessly connects teams, devices and systems with operational data over TETRA, 4G and Wi-Fi, enabling streamlined workflows and delivery of critical situational awareness information to the right people at the right time, while reducing the need for voice calls.

See Peter’s introduction to AppSPACE here.

After more than 20 years, TETRA remains the de-facto choice for mission critical communications

Whilst there has been much conversation within the industry over the potential for broadband networks, TETRA remains the de-facto choice for mission critical communications. Users need a reliable, proven solution to manage their operations, and are continuing to roll out new networks globally. TETRA networks in place both nationally and locally around the world are planned to be operational for many years to come, and suppliers are rising to the task of adding new functions to devices year on year.

Here Peter outlines why there is a long term future for TETRA networks:

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