The Journey to Mission Critical Broadband

13th July 2021

Sepura has participated in the latest set of plug tests for Mission Critical Services demonstrating its development of user equipment and MCX client interfaces which pave the way for the next generation of Mission Critical Broadband Communications.

The plug tests were organised by ETSI to validate the FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Communication System) protocols with the objective of bringing together MCX Application Servers and Clients, devices and network equipment and test equipment vendors all using the 3GPP standards, to test implementations of the standard and develop the necessary interoperability.

Mission Critical Broadband (MC-BB)

Mission Critical Broadband (MC-BB) requires a coordinated set of protocols and standards working across the complete eco system, including user equipment, suitably configured network, MCX Clients and Servers. All these functions must work together to give the end to end performance and resilience that is currently experienced with narrowband networks.

The MCX standard includes specific protocols for voice (MCPTT), data (MCDATA) and video (MCVIDEO) to optimise and preserve critical functionality across the network. Clear and reliable voice communication remains fundamental to any mission or business critical network. Sepura brings its extensive knowledge and experience of this market to ensure the best of current technologies and user practices are integrated into the implementation of the standards.

“A standards-based approach is fundamental for any manufacturer who wishes to provide a Mission Critical solution in the Broadband environment.

Plug tests such as these allow us to work together with other like-minded suppliers and industry experts to validate our product development and to work together to ensure systems interoperability.

We were very pleased with the results of the plug tests and the progress we have made in the journey to deliver the Mission Critical Broadband solution our customers are looking for.”

Peter Hudson, Chief Technology Officer

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