Secure operational messaging for smartphone and TETRA users


Improves situational awareness by enabling information sharing between mission critical users of TETRA radios, smartphones, tablets, and control rooms.

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How SmartChat can help your business

Secure messaging

Secure messaging and TETRA messaging

Improved communication

Reduced communication barriers across teams and collaborative organisations


Works with web browsers, IOS, Android and TETRA devices

Enhanced Productivity

Ensures critical information gets through

Communicate and share information between smartphones, control rooms, office workstations, and TETRA radios. Keep critical voice channel free by using data. Messages received can be stored for reading later.


Fully featured

Communicate one-to-one, within groups or from a control room

  • Compatible with web browsers, IOS, Android and TETRA devices
  • Broadband devices can send and receive a range of multimedia, including text, photos, videos, and attachments
  • TETRA devices can send text messages and receive image and text chat
  • APIs allow flexible integration to IT systems and data sources
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Dedicated features to support mission critical operations

  • Allows simple setup of temporary groups (e.g. for each incident) by any broadband device user
  • User location and time information is available for post-event analysis
  • Full message audit and history
  • Optional, automatic database searches based on message content
  • @ user mentions, pinning urgent messages to top, and text formatting ensures your critical messaging gets noticed
  • TETRA users can be included in messaging and chat groups from smartphone users
SmartChat enables text and image-based information to be shared to field officers using either TETRA radios or smart devices, without risking security by using commercial messaging applications.

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