Specially designed to save you time, money and effort, our range of apps streamlines essential processes, helping to keep your staff safe and increasing productivity. Data transmission reduces the need for voice calls, conserving valuable bandwidth, and gives fast access to critical information when you need it most.

Productivity applications


  • Configurable messaging system
  • Messaging capability between e-mail, SMS and SDS
  • Store and forward service

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  • Rapid access to multiple back-end systems/intranets/databases
  • Combines results from concurrent queries
  • Provides a single, concise response

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  • From control room to the field
  • Provide key visual information
  • Clear and concise intelligence


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Resource management


  • Multi-user resource-tracking solution
  • Accurate to the nearest second
  • Intelligent data handling for narrowband networks

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  • Multi-user resource-tracking solution
  • Works on any web-enabled device
  • Accurate to the nearest second
  • One installation serves all users

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