Specially designed to save you time, money and effort, our range of apps streamlines essential processes, helping to keep your staff safe and increasing productivity. Data transmission reduces the need for voice calls, conserving valuable bandwidth, and gives fast access to critical information when you need it most.


SICS eXpress

Easy to install and operate, SICS eXpress is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, voice and data dispatcher for use with Sepura's DMR Tier II family of products.

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A powerful and unique communications controller, the DMR Tier III DRC-ip control unit is housed within a compact and robust case with a vertically mounted 7-inch LCD touchscreen.

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TRICX Micro-Lite

TRICX Micro-Lite is ideal for single operator DMR Tier III systems where the user requires access to various radio and telephone resources.

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TRICX is a DMR Tier III multi-operator and multi-radio control system using packet switching technology over IP links, providing the ability to remotely site the operators away from the main switch, as well as increased reliability and high levels of resilience.

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