Sepura's ambition

In our short history we have been successful in driving Sepura's growth to our current position as the world's leading supplier of TETRA radios to the public safety market, and have stated our ambitions to expand this leadership into other digital standards.

Critical to this ambition is our ability to continue to deliver growth in an increasingly challenging market. To achieve our targeted growth it is essential that we are able to design, develop and supply the best possible products and services to both win and then efficiently execute against the customer, market and business needs.

A key element of this strategy is to ensure that our products, performance, processes and people exhibit the qualities that our collective stakeholders demand in order to achieve Sepura's ambitions. By quality, we mean the degree of excellence of the features and characteristics of products and services that influence their ability to meet expectations.

As a business it is our belief and aspiration that we should continuously improve the quality of all aspects of what we do, how we do things and who we are.


In order to achieve the above we will maintain a Quality Management System appropriate to our lines of business, business units, and locations that fulfils the requirements of the relevant internationally recognised standards to that business unit (e.g. ISO9001:2008 - Sepura, IECEx, ATEX (ISO EN80079-34:2011, Directive 94/9/EC), or any other relevant standard) and continually review and improve the application of a Quality mentality to our business to ensure that it achieves the ambitions laid out above.